JAVA IEEE Projects
  1. V-Matrix-Based Scalable Data

  2. Visualizing Three-Dimensional Ocean Eddies in Web Browsers

  3. Visualization of Location-Referenced Web Textual Information Based on Map Mashups

  4. Verifiable and Multi-keyword Searchable Attribute-based Encryption Scheme for Cloud Storage

  5. User Modeling for Churn Prediction in E-Commerce

  6. Traffic Analysis Attack for Identifying Users’ Online Activities

  7. Towards Thwarting Template Side-channel Attacks

  8. Towards Efficient U-Nets A Coupled and Quantized Approach

  9. Towards AI-Powered Multiple Cloud Management

  10. The Soft Underbelly of Cloud Security

  11. Social Network Rumor Diffusion Predication Based on Equal Responsibility Game Model

  12. Siva_FogFogFog-centric Secure Cloud Storage Scheme

  13. Sentiment Analysis of Comment Texts Based on BiLSTM

  14. Secure Data Group Sharing and Conditional

  15. Scheduling Real-Time Security Aware tasks in

  16. Recurrent Neural Network-Based Approach for Sparse Geomagnetic Data Interpolation and Reconstruction

  17. Platform-Independent Dynamic Taint Analysis for JavaScript

  18. PBCert Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-Based Certificate Status Validation Toward Mass Storage Management

  19. Old and Young Users’ White Space Preferences for Online News Web Pages

  20. NOSQL_CHARON A Secure Cloud-of-Clouds System

  21. Neural Binary Representation Learning for Large-Scale Collaborative Filtering

  22. Network Representation Learning Enhanced Recommendation Algorithm

  23. NASM Nonlinearly Attentive Similarity Model for Recommendation System via Locally Attentive Embedding

  24. Motion Based Inference of Social Circles via Self-Attention and Contextualized Embedding

  25. Mining Users Trust From E-Commerce Reviews Based on Sentiment Similarity Analysis

  26. Machine Ethics The Design and Governance of Ethical AI and Autonomous Systems

  27. LBOA Location-Based Secure Outsourced

  28. Platform-Independent Dynamic Taint Analysis for JavaScript

  29. Large-Margin Regularized Softmax Cross-Entropy Loss

  30. Intelligent Security Planning for Regional

  31. Incorporating Data Context to Cost-Effectively Automate End-to-End Data Wrangling

  32. FS-PEKS Lattice-based Forward Secure

  33. Fast Boolean Queries With Minimized Leakage

  34. Evading Anti-Malware Engines With Deep Reinforcement Learning

  35. Epistasis Analysis Using an Improved Fuzzy

  36. FS-PEKS Lattice-based Forward Secure

  37. Effective and Efficient Content Redundancy Detection of Web Videos

  38. EB_A Novel Load Image Profile-Based Electricity

  39. Dynamic Demand Prediction and Allocation in Cloud Service Brokerage

  40. Design of Secure Authenticated Key

  41. DCCR Deep Collaborative Conjunctive Recommender for Rating Prediction

  42. Crypt-DAC Cryptographically Enforced Dynamic

  43. Coverless Information Hiding Method Based on Web Text

  44. Composition Context-Based Web Services Similarity Measure

  45. Comparison of Swam Intelligence Clustering Algorithms for Analysis of Big Data in Healthcare

  46. Clustering-Based Collaborative Filtering Using an Incentivized or Penalized User Model

  47. BD2K Training Coordinating Centers ERuDIte the Educational Resource Discovery Index for Data Science

  48. Analysis and Accurate Prediction of User’s Response Behavior in Incentive-Based Demand Response

  49. An Attribute-based Controlled Collaborative Access

  50. A Query-based Framework for Searching, Sorting, and Exploring Data Ensembles

  51. A Particle Swarm Optimized Learning Model of Fault Classification in Web-Apps

  52. A New Encrypted Data Switching

  53. A Hybrid Approach to Service Recommendation Based on Network Representation Learning

  54. A Hierarchical Attention Model for Social Contextual Image Recommendation

  55. A Generalized Locally Linear Factorization Machine with Supervised Variational Encoding

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