Electronics Project(IEEE PROJECT TITLES 2012-2013)
  1. A Real Time Traffic Light Control Scheme For Reducingvehicles Co2 Emissions

  2. A Reconfigurable Multi-Touch Remote Control System For Teleoperated Robots

  3. A Review Of Electricity Monitoring And Feedback Systemsdesign Of The Node System Of Wireless Sensornetwork And Its Application In Digital

  4. A Rfid-Based Material Tracking Information System

  5. A Standalone Rfid Indoor Positioning System Using Passive Tags

  6. A Survey Of Communication Protocols For Automatic Meter Reading Applications Assets

  7. A 2.4-Ghz Energy-Efficient Transmitter For Wireless

  8. Medical Applications

  9. A Data Acquisition System For Methane Drainage Based On Arm

  10. A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On Gprs And Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks

  11. A Hierarchical Algorithm For Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Using Rfid Sensor Fusion

  12. A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructurefor Greenhouse Management

  13. A Microcontroller Based Multi Function Solar Tracking System

  14. A Note On Fingerprint Recognition Systems

  15. A Novel Distributed Navigation Algorithm Based On Gps Vestiges

  16. A Novel Home Energy Management System Architecture

  17. A Novel Light Sensor Based Information Transmission System For Indoor Positing And Navigation

  18. A Parking Guidance And Information System Based Onwireless Sensor Network

  19. A Patrolling Scheme In Wireless Sensor And Robot Networks

  20. A Power Saving Jamming System For E-Gsm900 And Dcs 1800

  21. Cellular Phone Networks For Search And Rescue Applications

  22. A Proposed Architecture For Scada Network Security

  23. A Quantitative Approach For Medical Device Health Hazard Analysis

  24. Home Automation And Security For Mobile Devices

  25. Design And Development Of Microcontroller Based Electronic Queue Control Systems

  26. Design And Implementation Of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System Using Microcontroller

  27. Control Of Brushless Dc Motor With An Avr Microcontroller

  28. Microcontroller Based On-Board Diagnostic (Obd) System For Non-Obd Vehicles

  29. A Microcontroller Based Multi-Function Solar Tracking System

  30. Arm9-Based Embedded Controller Of The Boiler Combustion

  31. Power Harvesting For Smart Sensor Networks In Monitoring Water Distribution System

  32. A Novel Light-Sensor-Based Information Transmission System For Indoor Positioning And Navigation

  33. Autonomous Pedestrian Collision Avoidance Using A Fuzzy Steering Controller

  34. The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car Reversing

  35. A Web-Based System For Home Monitoring Of Patients With Parkinson's Disease Using Wearable Sensors

  36. A Patrolling Scheme In Wireless Sensor And Robot Networks

  37. Advanced Automatic Crash Notification Using Gsm Technology

  38. Zigbee Based Industrial Automation

  39. Automated & Manual Guided Vehicles Using Wireless Technology

  40. Alive Human Radiation Detection Using Robotics

  41. Proactive Health Care Underpinned By Embedded And Mobile Technologies For The Realization Of Physiological Sensing

  42. Intelligent Digital Mobile Communications Network For Control Of Hospital Equipment

  43. A Proposal Of Intelligent Vehicle Control System By Predictive Advanced Desktop Control Method (Dcm)

  44. Implementation Of Web Based Energy Monitoring System

  45. Implementation Of Traffic Control System Through Intensity Measurement Using Embedded System

  46. Person Detection And Identification In Library Room Using Gsm And Wireless Technology

  47. Combined Decentralized Multi-Destination Dynamic Routing And Real-Time Traffic Light Control For Congested Traffic Networks Using Wireless Technology

  48. A Secure Web-Based Framework For Electronic System Level Design By Minimization Of Functionality And Implementation Of Low-Power Embedded Web Server

  49. Inter Integrated Circuit (I2c Bus) Protocol Implementation Of Real Time Clock And 1-Wire Digital Technologies

  50. Control Of Boiler Turbine Unit Based On Fuzzy Logic System

  51. Industrial Power Plant Monitoring And Control System By Implementing Scada

  52. A Control Design For Vehicle Speed With Multilevel Using Wireless Communication Technology (Sdc)

  53. The Implementation Of Intelligent Integrated Security And Wireless Communications Systems Using Rfid

  54. Prototype Of Rf Based Station Intimation / Coach Status Information And Control System

  55. Message Communication Between Microcontroller Peripherals Using Wireless Technology

  56. Gsm Based Automobile Mobile Safety System

  57. Gsm Based Automated Multi Channel Data Logger For Industries

  58. Gsm Based Alert System For Home Security

  59. Gsm Based Industrial Monitoring & Security Using Embedded System

  60. Line Following Robot Using Embedded

  61. Smart Card Authenticated Security System

  62. Wireless Arm Based Surveillance Vehicle

  63. Wireless Automated Toll Gate

  64. Alive Human Radiation Detection Using Robotics

  65. Intelligent System For Hazardous Gas, Human Detection And Temperature

  66. Remote Sensing And Control Of An Irrigation System Using A Distributed Wireless Sensor Network

  67. Gsm Controlled Door Latch Opener With Security Autodial-Up

  68. I.V.R.S System For Industrial Control

  69. Gsm Based Patient Monitoring System

  70. Embedded Controller Area Network For Automobile Safety

  71. Intelligent Campus Using Rfid

  72. Applications Of Zigbee Wireless Technology For Industrial Instrumentation

  73. An Efficient Localization Scheme For A Differential-Driving Mobile Robot Based On Rfid System

  74. Biometric Voting Machine

  75. Application Of Smart Cards In Distributed Information Systems

  76. Implementation Of A Novel Collision Avoidance System For Automobiles

  77. A Smart Card Based Prepaid Electricity System

  78. Cell Controlled Robot

  79. Rf Based Vehicle Tracking System

  80. Canbus For Industrial Automation

  81. Embedded System-Based Mobile Patient Monitoring Device

  82. Remote Power On/Off Control And Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And Zigbee Communication

  83. Rfid Based Home Automation

  84. Development Of A Biotelemetry Heart Valve Monitor Using 2.45 Ghz Transceiver, Microcontroller, A/D Converter, And Sensor Gain Amplifiers

  85. Design And Implementation Of Zigbee Based Urc Applicable To Legacy Home Appliances

  86. Block Box System For Automobiles

  87. Specific Protocol (Senslog) Over Tcp/Ip For Sensors Applications

  88. Home Automation Using Mobile Technology

  89. Tcp/Ip Based Patient Monitoring System Using Pic

  90. Wireless Data Acquisition System Using Avr

  91. Pic Based Embedded Networking Using Rs485

  92. Internet-Based Remote Control Using A Microcontroller And An Embedded Ethernet

  93. Driver Information For Anticollision

  94. Zigbee For Intelligent Transport System Applications

  95. Zigbee For Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks

  96. Zigbee Technology And Its Application On Wireless Meter-Reading System

  97. Zigbee Device Design And Implementation For Wireless Access Monitoring And Control System Based On Digital Door Lock

  98. The Wireless Sensor Network For Home-Care System Using Zigbee

  99. Automatic Intelligent Toll –Tax System Using At Mega

  100. Wireless Measurement And Control System For Environmental Parameters In Greenhouse

  101. The Electrical Ethernet Monitoring System Based On Embedded Web Server

  102. Design Of Intelligent Tire Safety Pre-Alarm System Based On Arm7

  103. Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks In The Oil, Gas And Resources Industries

  104. A Real-Time Wireless Brain–Computer Interface System For Drowsiness Detection

  105. Zigbee-Wireless Mesh Networks For Building Automation And Control

  106. A Mobile Gprs-Sensors Array For Air Pollution Monitoring

  107. Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment For Social Modernization Of Indian Agricultural System

  108. A Smart Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Meter System

  109. A Wireless Design Of Low-Cost Irrigation System Using Zigbee Technology

  110. Research On Embedded Data Display Unit Based On Can Bus

  111. Zigbee Wireless Relay Control And Power Monitoring System

  112. Application Of An Embedded System For The Car-Like Mobile Robot

  113. Research And Development Of The Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based On Embedded Arm Platform

  114. A Modular Cost-Effective Mobile Robot Navigationsystem Using Rfid Technology

  115. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring Through Zigbee

  116. Zigbee Based Hospital Automation

  117. Design And Implementation Of An Intelligent Vehicle Driving Controller

  118. Design Of Landslide Warning System

  119. Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On Rfid And Network

  120. Design Of Intelligent Agriculture Management Information System Based On Iot

  121. Design And Implementation Of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System Using Microcontroller

  122. Design Of A Wireless Medical Monitoring System

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