Do you want to join a team of professionals, to participate in sophisticated projects, to work for a steadily growing company that is the emerging one on the software outsourcing market? Welcome to nexegen then!
Here at nexegen you will find not only an interesting job, a coherent, well-built team and enthralling projects, but also you will get an opportunity to advance your career and grow professionally.
Working with nexegen you will get profound experience, develop highly demanded skills and enjoy the opportunity to build your career as high as you want. nexegen fosters the opportunities for both advanced and entry-level IT professionals. The facts are simple: 90% of our Project Managers has grown here within the company, many of them came to us while being students and now they are recognized IT gurus.
We are open for everyone interested in working with us!
Our Services
Radianz Technologies services include IT Consulting, Application Development, Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure Management, Outsourced Product Development and Corporate Training.
Our Projects
We are developing and maintaing projects for Industries,Personal Users,College Students. Radianz using Latest Technologies for develoing their projects . Commonly using language of radianz is .Net,PHP,Java,Embedded C...etc.
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